Scientific Statement on Climate Change

The Italian Scientific Community calls policy makers, international and national institutions, financial sectors, private sector, the public opinion to take action on climate change. The Scientific Statement on Climate Change undersigned by 12 Scientific Societies and Associations presented at ROME2015 – SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM ON CLIMATE

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Video/ Toward a successful Cop21 in Paris

We can use three concepts to define how we can address the main challenges of one of the most awaited meetings in climate change negotiations history. Laurence Tubiana explains why in a video message top the plenary session of session of ROME2015 – SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM ON CLIMATE

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Join the Scientific Statement on Climate Change

Each one of the Scientific Societies and Associations that undersigned the Scientific Statement presented at ROME2015 – SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM ON CLIMATE, provided a singular short statement focusing on its specific perspective on climate sciences toward the COP21 in Paris. Any Scientific Society or Association which agrees with of the Statement and would like to undersign, share and provide its specific statement, is welcome

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Agriculture investment programs are being impacted by climate change in terms of effects on crop yields, on price volatility for agricultural commodities, on agricultural value chains and on the abundance, distribution and quality of freshwater. Water scarcity affects every continent, and more than 40 per cent of the people on our planet. A lecture by Margarita Astrálaga, Director of IFAD’s Environment and Climate Division

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Video/The opening session

Donatella SPANO – SISC President; Maria Helena SEMEDO – FAO Deputy Director-General, Coordinator for Natural Resources; Carlo CARRARO – IPCC, Vice-Chair WG3, FEEM, CMCC, Ca’ Foscari University Venice; Laurence TUBIANA – Special Representative of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, COP-21, and French Ambassador for Climate Negotiations; Gianluca GALLETTI – Italian Minister of the Environment, Land and Sea

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Addressing climate change is one of the most important objectives that needs to involve the widest possible international cooperation: as highlighted in our statement, the choices that we make today and in the very near future will affect our society”. Donatella Spano, SISC President and chair of ROME2015 Scientific Committee, introduces the Program Book of ROME2015 – SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM ON CLIMATE

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A fruitful dialogue between scientists, policy makers, service providers, business and the general public , in order to improve the knowledge and the public awareness on mitigation policies and sustainable growth, to deepen the understanding of climate change impacts, the best adaptation strategies, and the dissemination of scientific results

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